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Welcome to  My Official Site

Hello!  I am so glad you are here.  I picked my best photos, prepared you great videos and want to give you breathtaking it is only U and me...I want to share my naughtiest fantasies and dreams, my sexy outfits, my thoughts, my kisses...and l want to hear all about U, I know U have a lot to tell and show me.   If U are lucky U can pick me on line or just send me a msg for a private show and we can have a "date" :P.  Remember, I am Ur perfect virtual girl friend, U can turn me on and off whenever U want :)  and when I am "on"  I am all Urs, I can feel U, be real...   Take a tour, enjoy yourself and join me!  I might even be alive. All U have to do is click my link below to meet me! U do know  I love to be with you!





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Nun Joke

Posted: June, 11, 2015

A hippie gets onto a bus and sits next to a nun in the front seat. The hippie looks over and asks the nun if she would have sex with him. The nun, surprised by the question, politely declines and gets off at the next stop. When the bus starts again, the bus driver says to the hippie, "If you want, I can tell you how you can get that nun to have sex with you." The hippie of course says that he'd love to know, so the bus driver tells him that every Tuesday evening at midnight the nun goes to the cemetery to pray to the lord. "If you went dressed in robes and some glowing powder," says the bus driver, "You could tell her you were God and command her to have sex with you." The hippie decides to try this out. That Tuesday, he goes to the cemetery and waits for the nun. Right on schedule, the nun shows up. While she's in the middle of praying, the hippie walks out from hiding, in robes and glowing with a mask of god. "I am God, I have heard your prayers and I will answer them but you must have sex with me first," he says. The nun agrees but asks for anal sex so she might keep her virginity. The hippie agrees to this and quickly sets about having sex with the nun. After the hippie finishes, he rips off his mask and shouts out, "Ha ha, I'm the hippie! " The nun replies by whipping off her mask and shouting, "Ha ha, I'm the bus driver!"


Posted: June, 02, 2015

Life is like an ocean of sand. It will always slip through your fingers and always slip away from you. There will, however, be a small part that stays in the palm of your hand. Be thankful for that.

 Take care

Kisses Lila


Old & Sexy

Posted: May, 31, 2015

Everybody knows my real age, I never hid it (lol maybe next year) and watching this TED inspired me a lot.  It does not matter if U are young, middle aged or mature or even old, she has a lot to say, hope U enjoy it....Kisses Lila


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